One can work with plastic and
still have iron principles.

Watermann Polyworks is an owner-managed family concern that manufactures exclusively in Germany and obtains all raw materials from Europe. This is for three good reasons.

The most important:

Our major international customers from the building industry have been trusting in the outstanding quality of our products for many years. We will not disappoint them just to save a few cents by manufacturing in Asia.


We are proud of our works in Germany. Our two factories and warehouses in Detmold operate with the latest technology and have sufficient capacity to substitute for each other in an emergency. This guarantees production security.

Principle number three:

We wish to manufacture with a clear conscience in all regards. This applies equally to the strict imperative not to use any materials that endanger the environment as also to the working conditions at our factories. We do not push down wage costs by taking on temporary workers. Good apprentices are always hired after training. Overall this creates a family work atmosphere of which we are proud.

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Susatainability gains a lot more importance for every company. It is of greatest importance for us to ptovide the best quality for our customers but also to be a sustainable and social fair company. Because of that we implemented a code of ethics for our suppliers, which can always be found here in the latest version.