If sealing demands are high,
we feel particularly comfortable.

You will find Watermann Polyworks everywhere you find building, tiling and sealing. We supply renowned customers from the international building industry with a wide range of sealing tapes and waterproofing membranes. We manufacture these in all colours, forms, dimensions and qualities and also produce the corresponding system components, for example sealing collars and corner tape at the same time.

Our sealing is in demand in the private and commercial construction or conversion of bathrooms, terraces, cellars and roofs. In the public sector it is used in swimming pools, hotels, industrial kitchens and nursing homes. You’ll find it everywhere where a high demand is placed on the quality of the seals because of special legal requirements.

Our products in the tiling range are made of polypropylene and rubber-modified polypropylenes. Seals for cellars and roofs may also contain a proportion of polyester. All Watermann Polyworks products comply with international building standards such as the European ETAG 022 standard or ANSI A118.10 in the USA.