We are happy to discuss product colours with you.
But our electricity stays blue.

Sustainability is a major theme in the plastics processing industry. We feel that one should not lose so many words on this theme, but instead should let actions speak for themselves.

In the manufacture of our waterproofing membranes and sealing tape, we fully eschew materials that could represent a risk for the environment. Furthermore, we also already consider later recycling aspects when purchasing raw materials, in that we strongly observe material uniformity and process no materials that consist of various plastics. In this way waste from manufacturing and our customers‘ products can be shredded to pellets and then reprocessed as uniform plastics.

Naturally at both sites Watermann Polyworks exclusively manufactures using green electricity. Or, better said, with blue. It is 100% generated by hydropower and originates from Detmold municipal utility. We also find: if one is called Watermann and produces protection against water, hydroelectric power is simply a must. Our products already become familiar with the power of water during manufacture and are perfectly prepared for use as seals.