Private Label

We make your brand a success and
discreetly remain in the background.

Watermann Polyworks has been producing sealing tape, waterproofing membranes and system components in the name of major international customers for years. If you are planning to launch a range of high quality sealing products onto the market with your brand name, we are the perfect business partner for you.

Every item is individually customised for you and made in line with your wishes. You decide the colour, shape and properties. We are very open to new product ideas. Simply come to us with your plans and let us create your product together.

Depending on the markets you supply, we will naturally tailor your product to international building standards such as the European ETAG 022 standard or ANSI A118.10 in the USA. We print the tape and membranes with your brand logo, put your labels on the packaging and ship the goods if requested to wholesalers on your behalf.

In all that we do for you, the name Watermann Polyworks remains unmentioned. Absolute discretion is a part of our everyday business. Naturally we are also not represented in tiling shops with our own brand to compete with you.